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Your Visit

Welcome to Northeast Wisconsin Retina Associates, sc.  We look forward to seeing you for your retinal evaluation. Because of the nature of your examination and the possible need for additional testing, your initial visit may require over two hours. Some patients may even spend a longer time with us based upon the severity of their problem or if your physician believes that immediate treatment is necessary. Additionally, many retinal problems are urgent or emergent and occur unpredictably. We strive to maintain adequate flexibility in our schedules to properly and efficiently care for each patient, however, should delays occur on the day of your visit due to an unusual number of unforeseen emergencies, we greatly appreciate your understanding.

In many cases, your medical problems may have a direct effect upon a retinal disease. It is very helpful if you take a moment prior to your visit to recall your illnesses and previous surgeries and also provide us a list of current medications.


In anticipation of your initial visit, we have provided materials to help you prepare for your upcoming visit.

You may print these forms and complete them prior to your visit. We will also mail the forms if time permits as many initial appointments are scheduled within a few days of receiving a referral. 


We participate with many commercial insurance carriers and Medicare.   We suggest that you contact your insurance plan to confirm our participation with your plan, any requirements the carrier may have and/or benefit coverage at our facility.  

Some insurance plans require a referral in order to pay for our services.

If a referral is required, it is the patient’s responsibility to obtain the necessary referral prior to the visit.

Your Appointment Day

  • Bring your completed Demographics, Health Questionnaire and include a list of all your current medications.
  • Bring your Photo ID
  • Bring your current Insurance Card(s)
    • If you have a Medicare Advantage/Replacement plan, we will also need you to provide your government issued Medicare ID
  • Bring your co-pay, if required by your Insurance Payer
  • If uninsured please call our business office at 920-751-8666 option 9, in advance
  • Your eyes will be dilated, please bring a driver.   The effects of the dilation can last up to several hours
  • Bring sunglasses
  • If you wear contacts, please wear your glasses, or bring a lens case and solution.   You will need to remove your contacts for the visit.
  • Your visit may last 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.   

If you have questions, please call the location where your appointment is scheduled.

NOTE: We strongly encourage you to bring a family member or friend to your visit. This person can accompany you at the time of your examination and during discussion with the physician. You will receive detailed information regarding your condition at the time of your visit and having someone along often allows you to better understand and retain this material afterwards. Additionally, your eyes will be dilated and many patients are uncomfortable driving for several hours following a visit to our office. It is optimal therefore, to have a driver with you. Many patients also prefer to use sunglasses after their visit.

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